BARRC - Bushland & Rainforest Restoration & Consulting


BARRC (Bushland & Rainforest Restoration & Consulting) is a small Ecological Restoration outfit operating on the east coast of NSW, Australia. BARRC has extensive on-gound Bush Regeneration, habitat restoration & consulting experience.

Restoration techniques include construction (soil capping & creek construction), revegetation (planting & direct seeding) & Assisted Natural Regeneration.

BARRC offers Abseil Access Services, Bush Track Construction, Chainsaw Services, Vehicle Based Herbicide Spraying, Remote Restoration, Planting, Provenance Plant Supply, Erosion Control, Creek & Estuary Construction, Seed Collecting, Burn Preparation,Post Fire Weed Control, Volunteer Training, Work Place Training, Food Forest Design & Construction, Bushfood Planting, Ecologist Consulting Services & Land Management Advice.

We have experience working with many indigenous vegetation communities including Beach & Sand Dune Communities, Dry Sclerophyll Woodland & Forest, Wet Sclerophyll Forest, Rainforest (Littoral, Dry, Cool Temperate, Warm Temperate & Sub-tropical), Heath, Swamp Sclerophyll, Estuarine Communities, Saltmarsh & Mangroves.


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